“The Hat Between Art and Extravaganza” at the Pitti’s Costume Gallery through May 18, 2014

Il Cappello tra arte e stravaganza

Il Cappello fra arte e stravaganza

Clemente Cartoni, "Cloche" 1965

Clemente Cartoni, “Cloche” 1965

The Costume Gallery of the Pitti Palace in Florence highlights decades of designs to decorate one’s head: The Hat Between Art and Extravaganza.

Ranging from typical fashion trends through the eras, to outright unexpected statements, this exhibition gives a fine overview of hat design from Italian artisans and famous international fashion houses. These hats are part of a large collection of more than 1000 hats that are normally in storage at the Pitti Palace now on view through May 18, 2014.

Giovanni Salvadori, "Parrucca" 1920

Giovanni Salvadori, “Parrucca” 1920

Despite the prevalence of famous fashion houses, including Christian Dior, Givenchy, ChanelYves Saint Laurent, John Rocha, Prada, Gianfranco Ferré and celebrated international milliners of the past and present such as Philip Treacy, Stephen Jones, Caroline Reboux, Claude Saint-Cyr, Paulette, it is also the first time that little known creations by Italian and Florentine milliners have been put on display. The exhibition includes some of the most characteristic exemplars from the leading Tuscan hat manufacturers, heirs to the ancient craft manufacture of the traditional Florentine Straw Hat.

There is even a hat consortium in Florence: Consorzio Il Cappello di Firenze.

The hat of haute couture becomes a work of art and an object of design with its aesthetic harmony consisting in its sculptural conformation, chromatic component and ornamental elegance.

The Hat Between Art and Extravaganza

Through May 18, 2014

Palazzo Pitti – Galleria del Costume
Piazza Pitti 1 –  Florence, ITALY

Ticket prices

Full Price: € 10
Reduced: € 5


8.15 – 16.30 (December, January, February)
8.15 – 17.30 (March)
8.15 – 18.30 (April, May)

Closed on the 1st and the last Monday of each month, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and May 1st


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