“VENI VIDI FILO” Exhibition by Lorenzo Pezzatini opens Friday, April 11, 2014 at 6pm

Lorenzo Pezzatini exhibition at Sensus

SACI Painting and Post-Bac instructor, Lorenzo Pezzatini, is exhibiting his new and classic FILO work in an exhibition/installation/performance entitled Veni Vidi Filo, April 11-May 31, 2014 at SENSUS Luoghi per l’Arte Contemporanea, Viale Gramsci 42° in Florence. The exhibition opens on Friday, April 11 at 6pm.  The artist will be performing one of his Artist in Presence projects April 11-12, 18-19. 25-26 from 6-8pm and during Florence’s Notte Bianca celebration on April 30, 7pm-midnight. A recent installation of Lorenzo’s was also featured in SENSUS Vetrina.

Here is text written by curator, Claudio Cosma, translated from Italian to English:

The inauguration on April 11, 2014, of Lorenzo Pezzatini’s exhibition at the Fondazione SENSUS will have a “double life” — a retrospective of an artist who has by now reached a mature stage of his work. With the presence of his VW van from which long and colorful bamboo canes protrude from the openings will occupy and transept the gallery space in a similar way that Pezzatini constructs his filo, with its machinery of iron poles, at the center like a huge spider weaves its web of blue, yellow, and red.

A more secret part of the installation will be subject to the completion of a site-specific work in the East Room, which is based ideally on the floors of the Roman basilicas made by the Cosmati family of marble workers in the twelfth century. The idea is to imitate the technical features designed to contain the large polychrome white stripes, creating a continuity between the architecture of the space and the vibrant rhythm of color.

The “oriental” room will host an installation of Zen flavor that will occupy the entire floor with a sort of carpet inlays of Pezzatini’s plastic Filotape. The effect will change the structure of the room into a place of meditation which is accessed with a maximum of 10 people at a time while wearing colored socks specially made by the artist Manuela Mancioppi in the same colors of the floor and the only ones that Pezzatini uses (blue, yellow, red), which are also the main colors of the spectrum of Newton.

At the center of the “temple” is an octagonal fountain of crystal that reflects the colors on the walls of water surging with a crest of movement depending on the visitors / pilgrims. On the evening of April 30, during Florence’s White Night, from the top of the building will hang a 30-meter long banner with Pezzatini’s Filo, which will stretch down the road and will be easily seen all the way from Piazza S. Ambrogio.

​ Leggi l’articolo in Italiano sul Artribune.

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