Pollock & Michelangelo at the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence: April 16-July 27, 2014

Pollock & Michelangelo

Jackson Pollock: The Figure of Fury

In a new exhibition connecting the Renaissance with Modern art, Florence honors one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Jackson Pollock (1912-1956), and presents his work along side that by Michelangelo (1475-1564), this year celebrated 450 years after his death. What unites these two titans of Western art is the fury that both transmitted through their work with a formal choice to expressively enhance the conflict between standard beauty and re-interpreted form.

Known for his abstract expressionistic drip paintings, it is also evident that Pollock referenced and studied the work of Michelangelo as many artists have done. In the Salone dei Cinquecento of Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio, Il Genio della Vittoria, one of Michelangelo’s most famous works will be on view next to those by Pollock including works from museums and private collections in Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Rome, New York, as well as six early Pollock drawings exceptionally lent by the Metropolitan Museum in New York. These drawings represent irrefutable proof of Pollock’s interest in the nude figures of the Sistine Chapel.

A second component of the exhibition is being held in the Complesso di San Firenze (Sala della musica), Piazza San Firenze, around the corner from the Palazzo Vecchio, with interactive and educational multimedia devices guiding the visitor through a new way of experiencing art and understanding the works of great artists such as Pollock. Recordings and video help to understand how the great American artist composed his paintings, and propose further comparisons between the work of Pollock and that of Michelangelo.

Jackson Pollock : La figura della furia

April 16 – July 27, 2014

Palazzo Vecchio (Sala dei Gigli e Sala della Cancelleria), Piazza della Signoria 1, Florence
Complesso di San Firenze (Sala della musica), Piazza San Firenze, Florence


  • One ticket for both locations of the exhibition can be purchased only at the ticket office of the Museum of the Palazzo Vecchio: €12; € 9 reduced
  • Tickets for the Palazzo Vecchio part only: €10; € 8 reduced
  • Tickets for the Complesso di San Firenze only: €5; € 2 reduced


Palazzo Vecchio
Open every day 9am-12 midnight (except Thursdays 9am-2pm). The ticket office closes one hour before the museum closes.
Complesso di di San Firenze
Open every day 9am-12 midnight (except Thursdays 10am-2pm) The ticket office closes one hour before the museum closes.


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