Prato Contemporanea features Kaarina Kaikkonen and Emilio Isgrò: May 16-18, 2014

Prato Contemporanea

For 3 days, the city of Prato, just outside Florence, is celebrating contemporary art within the context of the historical during PRATO CONTEMPORANEA with exhibitions, performances, and installations by national and international artists, May 16-18, 2014.

Kaarina Kaikkonen, "I Try to Fly"

Kaarina Kaikkonen, “I Try to Fly”

7:30pm – Work by Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen (Lisalmi, 1952, lives in Helsinki) will be inaugurated, Crossing Borders — a monumental composition of shirts at the ancient walls of the former Campolmi location. The work is ideally connected to the exhibition La Camicia Bianca per Me, Gianfranco Ferre, in progress at the Textile Museum, which will be open late for the occasion.

9:30pmCarlo Bernardini (Viterbo, 1966, lives in Milan) is an artist who draws and transforms architectural space with the optical fiber. His installation Dimensioni Invisibili will inaugurate — an intervention between the door of the Castello dell’Imperatore and the Cassero, a path between the interior and the exterior, and at the same time a visual reference that recreates the ideal conjunction with the part of the formwork now missing from the old fortress.

Sunset – Two illuminated installations will be visible. La Grande Sognatrice by Fabrizio Corneli — in Piazza Santa Maria in Castello, a monumental female face is being projected on the back facade of the cinema Eden. The light sculpture Margherita by Marco Lodola will be visible at the Palazzo Datini — a tribute to the wife of the great merchant of Prato and at the same time inspired by the sensual dance of Salomè, painted by Filippo Lippi in the Cathedral.

Emilio Isgrò

Emilio Isgrò

Full day dedicated to a project by Emilio Isgrò, Maledetti Toscani, Benedetti Italiani, divided into 3 parts (see attachment):

12 noon – At the Auditorium of the Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci, Emilio Isgrò presents The New Project for Prato, introduced by Fabio Gori and “Le api di Lipari”, directed by Matthew Frittelli, a video projected in a continuous loop.

6pm – At the Museum of Palazzo Pretorio, Ritratti Incancellabili, opening of the exhibition by Emilio Isgrò, Curated by Stephen Brindle, (through July 20). The protagonists are eleven illustrious Tuscans, being “erased”. From the artist’s canvas emerges a phrase translated into several languages​​: “I declare not to be …. ”

9pm — At the Teatro Metastasio, La Pelle Scorticata, a performance directed by Massimo Lukoni. Emilio Isgrò plays the role of Malaparte in an unprecedented performance in verse. Free entrance limited to the availability of seats. For info and reservations, call 0574.608537.

3pm — Prato will be the protagonist of a great urban project dedicated to new forms of urban street art in all of its creative variations. An event for dialogue with the city — its history and its present — divided into a series of interventions: Christian Petrucci on Saturday afternoon  in Via Pier Ciorni, and Sunday afternoon, the best Italian street artists: Bastion of Forks: Bastione delle Forche: Danilo Bucchi, Veronica Montanino, 108, Lucamaleonte, Moneyless, Tellas, Lo Gnob, Mo2.

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