“Counterpoints of Contemporary Art” – Villa Medici at Poggio a Caiano through September 8, 2014

Roberto Barni, "Atto Muto," 2007

Roberto Barni, “Atto Muto,” 2007

Through September 8, 2014, the historic Medici Villa at Poggio a Caiano near Florence, a UNESCO “World Heritage” site, is the setting for Counterpoints of Contemporary Art, a series of works selected by the Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art in Prato.

Artworks by Tuscan artists Roberto Barni, Massimo Barzagli, Alberto Moretti and Gianni Ruffi, as well as a video by Chinese artist Yang Jiechang (created in nearby Carmignano) enter into a direct dialogue with the extraordinary heritage of this residence, which over the centuries has belonged to the houses of Medici, Habsburg-Lorraine, Bonaparte and Savoy.

The exhibition winds its way from the entrance hall on the villa’s ground floor into the little theatre and parlour, once the antechamber to the apartment of Bianca Cappello, leading into final hall of the Still Life Museum, representing the final era of Medici collecting. On the second floor, the exhibition continues in the Papier peints hall with the surprising presence of installations and multimedia works created in Tuscany over the last two decades, promoting the continuity and contiguity of “world heritage” with works of contemporary art from an area rich in history and culture, one that has constantly collected and reworked the inheritance of its great past.

Click here to download the brochure (in Italian and English).

The villa was built by Lorenzo the Magnificent from a plan by Giuliano da Sangallo, at the foot of the Albano hills, beautifully situated in a large estate between Florence, Prato and Pistoia.
The villa has a portico on each side, facing the garden and the surrounding countryside, and reflects the humanist trends in architecture inspired by classical antiquity.

Building was begun around 1485 but was interrupted at Lorenzo’s death in 1492. Work continued under pope Leo X, son of Lorenzo, and the villa was finally completed in the second half of the 16th century.
The Salone, named after Leo X, is splendidly decorated with allegorical frescoes celebrating the Medici family, painted by Andrea del Sarto, Pontormo, Franciabigio and Alessandro Allori.


Contrappunti – Arte contemporanea nella Villa Medicea di Poggio a Caiano

Through September 8, 2014

Medici Villa of Poggio a Caiano and Still Life Museum
Piazza de Medici 14, Poggio a Caiano – ITALY

8.15 – 16,30 (November – February)
8.15 – 17,30 (March and October)
8.15 – 18,30 (April, May and September)
8.15 – 19,30 (June – August)
Closed on the 2nd and 3rd Monday of each month, New Year’s Day, May 1st and Christmas Day.

Free admission

Admission to the park and garden is free.
The interior of the Villa can be visited on guided tours run by the security staff. Visitors can choose whether to visit the Monumental Apartments or the Still Life Museum, or may decide to visit both sections bearing in mind that the times of the tours are staggered. In this case, once the visit to one section is complete, for security reasons visitors are requested to await the following visit outside the villa.
The visits to each section last about one hour.

Booking is obligatory only for the Still Life Museum.
Recommended for groups of more than 10.
T. 055 877012

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