COOLT Culture “Week” in Tuscany: October 9-19, 2014


COOLT Culture “Week” in Tuscany: October 9-19, 2014

The first edition of the Culture Week in Tuscany COOLT will be held October 9 – 19, 2014 through a series of artistic and culinary initiatives around the region, lasting more than a week! With the goal to communicate that culture includes the exchange of ideas, creative enrichment, and even entertainment, provinces, municipalities, museums, libraries, cultural associations and foundations, art centers and theaters are participating in the initiative. The COOL TEAM is made up of eleven young professionals from Upi Tuscany, engaged in promoting cultural events around Tuscany.

Among the highlights are the Internet Festival in Pisa, October 9 -12; ICASTICA, the contemporary art installations around Arezzo; Games in Tuscany on October 11th; the presentation of tourist guide for families “Discover Tuscany – art, nature and mysteries” at the Park of Collodi (PT), October 11th; and the workshop “Cultural, heritage, technology, tourism: public and private development and employment” in Lucca, October 9-11.

In Florence, the Palazzo Strozzi will participate with a full program of activities related to the Picasso exhibition as well as the inauguration of a new site-specific installation in the courtyard by contemporary artist Franco Menicagli. The Teatro Verdi will host the opening concert of the 2014 season, October 18th with the Orchestra della Toscana, and the COOLT grand finale will be on October 20th with a concert for peace by Israeli singer Noa.

In addition, thanks to the collaboration with Tuscans in the World, there will be several cultural initiatives organized overseas for COOLT. Among these, the exhibition Architecture of the twentieth century in Tuscany, curated by the Fondazione Michelucci, which will be inaugurated in Buenos Aires on October 16th.

For a full list of events and exhibitions, click here.

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