SACI Alumna, Anna Rose, exhibits her work at Casa Masaccio through November 30, 2014


Arrêts sur Images: Chiara Vanni | Bettazzi Meozzi | Anna Rose

Curated by Saretto Cincinelli

October 18 – November 30, 2014

SACI Alumna and former teaching assistant, Anna Rose, is exhibiting her video work in a 3-person exhibition at the Casa Masaccio Center for Contemporary Art, just outside of Florence in San Giovanni Valdarno. The exhibition, called Arrêts sur Images (Freeze Frames), opened last weekend and was well attended in its beautifully reconstructed 3-level home where Masaccio supposedly spent much of his childhood.

"Braided" (2013) by Anna Rose, video/still image

“Braided” (2013) by Anna Rose, video/still image

Arrêts sur images supports the search for young artists from Tuscany, or who work in the region, and help establish a disciplinary conversation between photography and cinema. Experiments in each media based on reciprocal exchanges between stasis and dynamism have flourished, becoming a constitutive figure of contemporary artistic research. The development of digital technology allows for less rigid boundaries between still images and moving images, and it finally made obsolete the distinctions that opposed the modernist world of the still image (photography/painting) to that of the animated image (cinema/video). Stasis and movement have become mere possibilities, alternatives, and the changing of a signal, which has transformed the opposition of principle (between stillness and movement) into a simple modulation. This has opened up the paradox of a contemporary perception of new images: images of an era able to be characterized simultaneously as ‘post-photographic’ and ‘post-cinematographic’.

"Ecloga" (2012) by Anna Rose, video/still image

“Ecloga” (2012) by Anna Rose, video/still image

"Theater" (2012) by Anna Rose, video/still image

“Theater” (2012) by Anna Rose, video/still image

The acquired awareness of the malleability of the material time, masterfully used in the videos of Anna Rose, seems to act retroactively impinging on images related to photographic practices and time installation. Other work in the exhibition tends to become explicit in operation, as in the case of Rear Window by Vanni Meozzi, and an image event, revealing its layers and incorporating and re-playing their potential as in Still Life by Clare Bettazzi.

To learn more about Anna’s work, see her website:



Casa Masaccio Center for Contemporary Art
Corso Italy 83, San Giovanni Valdarno (near Arezzo) – ITALY
T. 055 91.26.283

Open: weekdays 3-7pm \ Sundays and  holidays 10am-noon | 3-7pm
Free admission

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