“Ceci n’est pas une idée” group exhibition at Biagiotti Progetto Arte in Florence opens October 26 at 5pm



Baustelle | Emanuele Becheri | Andrea Mastrovito | Alexandros Papathanasiou | Luigi Presicce | Giuseppe Stampone

October 26th, 2014 – December 20th, 2014

Opening: Sunday, October 26th at 5pm

Fondazione Biagiotti Progetto Arte is pleased to present the group exhibition CECI N’EST PAS UNE IDÉE curated by Gino Pisapia with the works of Emanuele Becheri, Andrea Mastrovito, Alexandros Papathanasiou, Luigi Presicce, Giuseppe Stampone and a videoclip by Baustelle.

Rene Magritte, "Ceci n'est pas une pipe," oil on canvas, 1928-29, 25"x37" - Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California

Rene Magritte, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe,” oil on canvas, 1928-29, 25″x37″ – Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California

CECI N’EST PAS UNE IDÉE, literally translated into “this is not an idea”, is an expression that through a negative statement aims at sanctioning an ironic and real assertion of what has just been declared. It clearly recalls the painting Ceci n’est pas une pipe, realized by the Belgian painter Renè Magritte in the years 1928-29. Through the “betrayal” of the image, Magritte’s work intended a purposive reading of the caption in close relationship to the image. Accordingly the caption constituted the very value of the dispute. It contradicted the criterion of equivalence between similarity and affirmation by triggering a double level of reading between signifier and signified.

Therefore CECI N’EST PAS UNE IDÉE becomes almost a sort of slogan of “moving”, which originates from the homonymous title of an unpublished work by Emanuele Becheri (2013) and provides the input for the entire exhibition. From this suggestion, that is first of all a paraphrasis, a translated quote, originates the need to reflect on the concept of citation and on its possible or at least probable variations. The eterogeneous works exhibited are to be interpreted in this perspective: each artist in his own personal research has made use of the voluntary or involuntary quotation to generate “other” meanings.

Eventually the citation becomes a tool of investigation and interrogation that makes possible the creation of new linguistic models able to renew the creative process. Besides, it contributes to the re-discovery of the past and the interpretation of the present: the latter does not replace history and produces visions rather than positions.

The exhibition unfolds within Fondazione Biagiotti’s articulated spaces creating a sort of visual counterpoint where the images mediated by different techniques assume and legalize the thematic sense of the exhibition. During the finissage it will be presented the limited edition catalogue.


Via delle Belle Donne 39/r, Florence – ITALY
T/F +39 055214757
Open: Tuesday through Saturday, 2-7 pm 

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