Torino’s Photissima Photography Fair and Workshops: November 6-9, 2014


PHOTISSIMA photography fair, festival, and art prize launches its fourth edition.

The art project, created by Fondazione Artevision and its director Telemaco Rendine, represents the major national and international photographic and cultural debate. Photissima has an enriched program with cultural events, music, theater, and dance. Photissima Art Festival is the cultural heart of the event: a unique and critically acclaimed program of exhibitions, debates, panel discussions, keynote lectures and workshops on photography held by international guests – not only photographers, but also writers, philosophers, and historians. Great institutions and photographers have been invited to discuss on the 2014 edition’s theme, such as:

Lucie Foundation: the renowned foundation whose three-tiered mission is to honor master photographers, discover and cultivate emerging talent, and celebrate the appreciation of photography worldwide. Through the annual Lucie Awards, the Foundation honors and celebrates the achievements of master photographers and their contributions to the art of photography.

Backlight Festival: the triennial Finnish Photo Festival is focused on photography and on photography-based projects that have capacity to build bridges towards other contemporary urban art forms. Backlight promotes intercultural dialogue by focusing on revealing the hidden, the veiled, the lost and the forgotten. The festival is rooted in documentary photography and open to innovative concepts and approaches extending and updating culturally rooted perspectives on reality. Based on strong pillars, each Backlight forms a new, unique entity with new motto, innovative structure and challenging content. The Backlight Festival will introduce Karoliina Paappa’s artistic project and Tuula Alajoki, project manager and visual artist, will hold portfolio reviews.

NOVEMBER 6-9, 2014: Photissima presents 2 Workshops: Reportage Photography and Photojournalism held by the famous photojournalist Francesco Cito and Photo Food curated by Qubì laboratory.
For any information on how to participate, call (+39) 3936062994

Photissima Prize acts as a springboard for emerging talents.

Entrance to the Photissima Prize is open to artists with no restrictions (age, gender, nationality…). Artists are invited to propose from one to several works.
A personal exhibition at Photissima Art Fair, which is due to take place in Turin from November 6th to 30th 2014, and the dedicated catalog are provided to selected artists, together with the opportunity of collaborating with national and international art galleries and the chance of a personal exhibition at Photissima Art Fair 2015.

The 2014 edition’s theme is entitled “Time Out”.
It is now time to draw the line between artistic photography and that kind of photography that could not belong to the world of art. Or else, prove that no difference exists. Photissima proposes the never ending debate, stimulating a constructive dialogue between different realities and going through the various facets of the photographic art.

Applications for Photissima Art Prize Venice 2015 are already open, please contact us at the following email address:



About SACI

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