Auction to benefit Florence’s Giardino dei Semplici: December 13, 2014

arte orto


46 works of contemporary artists

Auction benefiting the Giardino dei Semplici

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Works visible from 10am
Auction 8pm

Auctioneer: Pietro Gaglianò – Art Critic

Todo Modo Library – Cafe – Theater
Via dei Fossi 15 / R, Florence

We can hardly keep up with Pietro Gaglianò, art critic, curator, and SACI instructor. It seems that at any given month, he is involved in several projects at once. For this event, he is the Auctioneer of over 40 artworks available for a charity auction to benefit the revival and restoration of the Giardino dei Semplici, an important botanical garden (begun in 1545 by Cosimo de’Medici) in Florence that has severely suffered damaged in a recent storm last September. Don’t miss this chance to acquire artwork from local artists, including some that have shown their work in the SACI Gallery, while benefiting one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world.


Jacopo Addini (Eddie Spanier)  ⁄  Fabrizio Ajello  ⁄  Stefania Balestri  ⁄  Pamela Barberi  ⁄  Chiara Bettazzi  ⁄  Marina Bolmini  ⁄  Luke Cannavicchio / Christiana Caro  ⁄  Valentino Carras  ⁄  Sara Caselli  ⁄  Loris Cecchini  ⁄  Marco Crivellin / Gaetano Cunsolo / John de Gara / Alessio De Girolamo / Simone Donati / Elena El Asmar / Orietta Phineus / Serena Fineschi / Cosimo Frezzolini / Giuliani / Schwarzkopf / Federica Gonnelli / Francesco Gnot / Zoe Gruni / Meri Iacchi / Andrea Lunardi / Giovanna Maliconi / Constance Mansueti / Taylor Means / Claudio Maccari / Roberto Magnolfi / Marco Mazzoni / Andrea Mizzau / Massimo Nannucci / Elisa Nesi / Francesca Pagni / Catherine Pecchioli / Pantani / Surace / Giulia Piermartiri / James Sallizoni / Eva Sauer / Kathleen Scully / Alessandro Secci / Stefano Tondo / David Andre Weiss / Virginia Zanetti

Damaged trees in the Giardino dei Semplici, Florence

Damaged trees in the Giardino dei Semplici, Florence

In a collaboration with the Xenos Contemporary Art Gallery in Florence, the contemporary Florentine art scene, and more generally, from around Tuscany, artists responded with great enthusiasm and civil duty for this initiative to save a historical, artistic, and scientific place that remains important to the city. The works of 46 artists will be set up and visible from 10am on December 13th at the Todo Modo, in Via dei Fossi 15 / R in Florence, who is hosting the event.

The auction will begin at 8pm that evening, in alphabetical order of the artists. A digital catalog of the works, with information about the artists and indicated the price of starting price of each work is available.

For more information or to submit a proposal for the purchase will make up at midnight on December 12th by sending an email with their personal details and offer to: – Vaia Balekis – dir. Xenos Contemporary Art

You can also donate any amount making a bank transfer to IBAN: IT88A0200802837000041126939 with the description “Per Orto Botanico.”

In 470 years the garden has never experienced an event so catastrophic: many trees fell or were damaged, as well as damage to historical collections and the structures of the Garden (glass greenhouses in pieces, smashed roofs, doors torn off, etc.). To date, only the damage to the heritage trees amounts to nearly a million euro.

Peter Gaglianò, 1975, art critic and curator, has thorough knowledge of visual contemporary culture and art in all its aspects, tending towards the analysis of individual freedom, the aesthetics of power, and the capacity of subversive critical thinking and artistic work. His main fields of research are theoretical systems of performance art in relation to the aesthetic visual art and theatrical research; the urban context, architectural and social scene as the contemporary artistic experiences; and the application of art focusing on emergency geopolitical issues.

Xenos Contemporary Art is dedicated to promoting national and international artists, providing artistic exchanges and residences for artists and curators, transversal social and anthropological activities, promoting and developing networked projects with cooperation at various levels between cultural groups of national and international stature.

Xenos Contemporary Art
Viale Francesco Petrarca 60 / R, Florence
T. +39 055 9759799 Mob. +39 333 654125

Todo Modo, in Via dei Fossi 15 red, is an independent library, theater, and coffee house, with over 180 square meters of space with a selection of about 15,000 titles.

Via dei Fossi 15 / R, Florence
T. +39 055 2399110

The Botanical Garden, which began as a garden of medicinal plants in 1545, is among the oldest of its kind the world. It is spread over an area of two hectares, indoors and outdoors. In hot and cold greenhouses built in the nineteenth century — the largest in Italy — the tropical and subtropical plants are kept, including the collection of Cycads, Ficus, Palm, an ancient collection of citrus plants and succulents, as well as a rich collection of traditional ethnobotanical plants. Outdoors, a vast collection of edible plants is particularly important for educational purposes. In addition, the Italian garden includes a very rich collection of old and modern roses, aquatic plants, flower beds of medicinal and poisonous plants, with particular reference to the Tuscan territory, a zen garden, and two acclimatization beds for exotic palms. Also, three display cases with a small educational collection include carnivorous plants, plus a cork tree, gymnosperms, old monumental trees, an evocative collection of ferns, and living fossils. All of these important species are not in danger or surviving.

Giardino dei Semplici is closed for damage, reopening April 1, 2015
Via Pier Antonio Micheli 3, Florence – ITALY


About SACI

SACI is a US non-profit College of Art and Design in Florence, Italy, for undergraduate and graduate students seeking accredited instruction in studio art, design, conservation, art history, and Italian language and culture. Founded in 1975, SACI offers the following programs: Academic Semester/Year Abroad, Summer Studies, Venice Summer Program, Post-Bac in Conservation, MFA in Studio Art, MA in Art History.

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