“Power and Pathos. Bronze Sculpture from the Hellenistic World” at the Palazzo Strozzi, through June 21, 2015


Power and Pathos. Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World

Through June 21, 2015

Palazzo Strozzi – Florence, ITALY

power-pathos3You still have a few days to catch the impressive sculpture exhibition Power and Pathos at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, through June 21, 2015.

The exhibition, planned and produced in conjunction with the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, and the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Toscana, showcases a host of outstanding examples of bronze sculpture to tell the story of the spectacular artistic developments of the Hellenistic era (4th to 1st centuries BCE), when new forms of expression began to prevail throughout the Mediterranean basin and beyond, riding on the back of an extraordinary leap forward in technological development to form the first instance of globalization of the language of art in the known world. The use of bronze, with its unique characteristics, allowed artists to impart an unprecedented level of dynamism to their full-figure statues and naturalism to their portraits in which psychological expression become a hallmark of the style.


The exhibition hosts some of the most important masterpieces of the ancient world from many of the world’s leading archaeological museums including the British Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Galleria degli Uffizi and the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Florence, the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples, the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, the Georgian National Museum, the Musée du Louvre in Paris and the Vatican Museums. Monumental statues of gods, athletes, and heroes stand alongside portraits of historical figures to take visitors on a breathtaking journey exploring the fascinating stories of these masterpieces’ discovery, often at sea but also in the course of archaeological digs, thus setting the findings in their ancient contexts such as sanctuaries, private houses, cemeteries, or public spaces. (Source: www.palazzostrozzi.org)


Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi
Piazza Strozzi, Florence – ITALY

Exhibitions opening hours
Daily including holidays 10am-8pm
Thursdays 10am-11pm

10 euro / 8.50 reduced

Tel +39 055 2645155

From Monday to Friday 9am-1pm/2-6pm
Tel +39 055 2469600


About SACI

SACI is a US non-profit College of Art and Design in Florence, Italy, for undergraduate and graduate students seeking accredited instruction in studio art, design, conservation, art history, and Italian language and culture. Founded in 1975, SACI offers the following programs: Academic Semester/Year Abroad, Summer Studies, Venice Summer Program, Post-Bac in Conservation, MFA in Studio Art, MA in Art History.

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