SACI Alum, Josh Dorman (Spring 1987) exhibits a One New York Plaza: August 24-September 25, 2015


American Soil

August 24 – September 25, 2015

One New York Plaza – New York, NY
8am – 7pm

SACI Alum, Josh Dorman (Spring 1987) exhibits American Soil, an installation of twelve 7×9′ windows that weave together early 1900’s soil sample maps, antique collage elements, and paint, August 24-September 25, 2015 at One New York Plaza in Lower Manhattan, sponsored by Arts Brookfield and curated by Tom Kotik. Using the geography and topography of the USA as a springboard, these collage paintings manipulate the sinewy lines and rich palette of the maps, turning loamy soil regions into clouds, gravel deposit bands into mountains, rivers into snakes, legend diagrams into architecture, and city grids into sparkling gems.

Josh DormanI generate fields of visual detritus, then bury and excavate, wander between flesh, feather, metal, bone, rock. I forage for peculiar old books—like a hunter, or a botanist. I find disused knowledge in diagrams, charts, engravings. Living ferns stain skeletal fractal forms on old maps. Gears, mushrooms, coronae and cells mesh, echo, power machines or hover weightless.

Josh Dorman lives and works in New York City. He exhibits his work at Ryan Lee Gallery in NYC, Koplin Del Rio in Los Angeles, and John Martin in London: “Dorman creates extraordinary visions from corruptions of nineteenth century maps and book engravings. The interplay between the collaged images, which lie upon delicate painted areas, in turn embedded into the surface of old maps form complete compositions of continuous fascination. The skill and success of Dorman’s work is encased in the multi-layers and traces which effortlessly form both new topographic surfaces, and personal landscapes, illustrating a new, beguiling world.”

Recent projects include The Violin: seven animated films accompanying the music of composer Anna Clyne. Dorman is currently working with the Memory Bridge Foundation in Chicago on a project involving the “mapping” of the internal geographies and memories of Alzheimers and Dementia patients. Find out more at

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