1996-2016: La Corte Arte Contemporanea closes its gallery doors with celebration February 28, 2016


20 Years at La Corte: 1996-2016

La Corte Arte Contemporanea
Via de’ Coverelli 27r – Florence, Italy

February 28, 2016 from 3-10pm

After 20 years, art gallery La Corte Arte Contemporanea in Florence is closing its doors. In an architecturally curious space just behind the church of Santo Spirito in the creative Oltarno district, this gallery has been known to exhibit a fine selection of up-and-coming contemporary artists, including many of SACI’s faculty members as well as SACI’s undergraduate and graduate student end of term exhibitions. Our collaboration with La Corte and Director Rosanna Tempestini Frizzi has gone on for many years and we are sad to see the end of an era.

“After twenty years of presence: continuous, serious, cheerful, always committed and dedicated, sometimes laborious, sometimes easy-going, the space of La Corte Arte Contemporanea in Florence closes its familiar glass doors. It lowers the equally famous gate, at different times enriched by tags of street-artists or extemporaneous “bombolettari” (curses, or touches of love). Yes, the physical space of La Corte in Via de’ Coverelli and the exhibitions related to art end here. New uses await the space at number 27r, which will have nothing to do with painting or sculpture projects and the like, however, the path of the Cultural Association is not exhausted. Far from it. Rather, it loses its permanence, I would say. In the future, the Cultural Association, alongside some virtual spaces, will provide other concrete and actual spaces well-located around the world, spread as they say, liquid, spontaneous, momentary, depending on the circumstances. Whether in Berlin, in Switzerland, in Sardinia, in Rome, in Volterra … We will see and you will know about it. Meanwhile, I feel the need to thank all of you, friends, artists, critics, journalists, assistants, supporters and sponsors, all of you over the years together with me, you have “made” La Corte and a nice slice of contemporary art. To all, a heartfelt thanks. And a goodbye.” — Rosanna Tempestini Frizzi

And SACI thanks you, Rosanna. To bid farewell, the gallery is celebrating with the presentation of the book 1996-2016. 20 Anni a La Corte, and an evening of live performance and video involving some of SACI’s friends and instructors.

Program (3-10pm):

Figli di Terra e di Cielo stellato (Video)
Dancers: Nicola Campanelli, Davide Cocchiara
Art Director: Boris Schreurs

Robert Gligorov
MAMMUT – Songs from the blue garden (Video)
Vanity, musiche: Saturnino
La Bete, musiche: Massimo Colombo

Mariateresa Sartori
In Sol Maggiore/ In Sol minore (Video)

Serena Arcieri, Simone Bacci, Maurizio Berlincioni, Quentin Bertoux, Carlo Cantini, Alessandra Capodacqua (SACI DIS Instructor), Marco Dolfi, Carlo Fabre/Alessandra Borsetti (Friend of SACI), Valter Giuliani, Nicola Lorusso, Ferruccio Malandrini, Martino Marangoni, Silvia Marilli, Massimo Pacifico, Pierpaolo Pagano, Daniela Tartaglia, George Tatge, Margherita Verdi, Fotografia di ricerca a Firenze 1980/2000 (Video)

Melania Lanzini: Disgregazione (Video)

Tayu La Sud: Scansioni celesti (Video)
Musiche originali composte ed eseguite da Roberto Fabbriciani

Maria Antonietta Scarpari: Sheng (video)

Gianni Caverni : Codavid (Video)

Stanze di parole
Poesie di: Liliana Grueff, Iacopo Ninni, Brenda Porster, Marco Simoncelli, Stefania Zampiga, a cura di Elisa Biagini

Live performance:
Mauro De Lillo (percussioni)
Luca Di Volo (violoncello)
Eleonora Tancredi (contrabbasso)
Video e musica: Dejan Atanackovic (SACI Instructor)
Baritono: Massimo Naccarato

Gentes – Essere o il Nulla (Video)
Foto di Karlo Valentini – Riflessioni di Piero Forosetti

Alessandro Fani
Giovanni Vozza
(Pippo & Baudo Jazz)

la corte
Associazione La Corte Arte Contemporanea

Facebook event:


About SACI

SACI is a US non-profit College of Art and Design in Florence, Italy, for undergraduate and graduate students seeking accredited instruction in studio art, design, conservation, art history, and Italian language and culture. Founded in 1975, SACI offers the following programs: Academic Semester/Year Abroad, Summer Studies, Venice Summer Program, Post-Bac in Conservation, MFA in Studio Art, MA in Art History.

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