“John Currin: Paintings” at Museo Bardini in Florence, through October 2, 2016

JOHN CURRIN: Paintings

June 13 – October 2, 2016

Museo Stefano Bardini, Florence

An exhibit by Antonella Nesi and Sergio Risaliti

John Currin, among the most appreciated artists of our time, will be the protagonist of an exhibit at Museo Stefano Bardini of Florence from June 13th to October 2nd. It is the first significant exhibition of the New York artist in an Italian public space. A painter displaying a sophisticated technique and a deep figurative culture, Currin is renowned and celebrated for his extremely elegant portraits and erotic scenes rendered with ironic, shameless realism. In his works, very often small paintings, Currin conceals his deep knowledge of art history and a very refined taste in representational composition. With settings that are never ordinary and often tacitly sarcastic, and a selection of topics that stylistically and graphically also recall glossy and pornographic magazines, the American artist redefined contemporary portraiture. His interpretation of female eroticism and of the American bourgeois psychology, proves almost surreal or grotesque, extremely unsettling. But his criticism is never aggressive nor obvious, never grotesque nor garish. His figures, dressed or behaving like lesser characters of a romantic novel or impassive mannequins in a fashion shop, display zeal also when engaged in solitary or group sexual activities, showing signs and expressions of an unmistakable psychophysical alteration. The anatomy, disproportionate or displaying a distorted perspective, the faces’ expressions, everything modifies the ideal Renaissance representation of a female body and face. In this sense, his works follow on the heels of Pablo Picasso and Willem de Kooning rather than on those of John Singer Sargent or Edward Hopper. Read more

John Currin, The Lobster, 2001 Olio su Tela, 81.3 x 101.6 cm | Dianne Wallace: New York © John Currin - Courtesy Gagosian Gallery

John Currin, The Lobster, 2001 Olio su Tela, 81.3 x 101.6 cm | Dianne Wallace: New York © John Currin – Courtesy Gagosian Gallery

Museo Stefano Bardini
Via dei Renai 37 – Florence, ITALY

Hours: Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11am-5pm

Closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Tickets: €6 full price, €4.50 reduced (under 18 free)



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