SACI instructor Pietro Gaglianò curates “La forma della città and publishes texts

"La Forma della Città" at the Eduardo Secci Gallery, Florence

“La Forma della Città” at the Eduardo Secci Gallery, Florence

La Forma della Città

Curated by Pietro Gaglianò

June 9 – August 13, 2016

Eduardo Secci Gallery, Florence – Italy

Don’t miss the exhibition, La Forma della Città, curated by SACI instructor, Pietro Gaglianò (Installation & Performance Art, MFA Graduate Seminar: Professional Practicum) at the Eduardo Secci Gallery in Florence. The exhibition features 7 young italian artists: Elena El AsmarAndrea GalvaniMichele GuidoMargherita MoscardiniMarco NeriLuca Pancrazzi, and Giuseppe Stampone.

La Forma della Città proposes a series of locations portraying the relationship between the contemporary artist and the urban space, which is investigated as a place where social tensions, cultural transformations, and a sense of history itself are developed.

The seven artists involved have been called to confront themselves with the ambivalent value of the city in the tradition of a European framework: the shape produced through foundation or stratification over the centuries and its dilution in the uncontrolled expansion of the 1900s, with the dissipation of that continuity between space and citizens, which for centuries has ensured the bond linking community and generation of culture. Read more…

Eduardo Secci

Eduardo Secci Gallery
Piazza Goldoni, 2 – Florence, ITALY
T. (+39) 055 661356

Open: Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 13:30 / 14:30 – 19:00


Pietro is busy with many projects, as usual. He also just released a previously unprinted text he wrote a dozen years ago. The text is being presented in “the smallest gallery in the world” (or at least in Siena) were it exists in an incased presentation space within a medieval wall in the center of the city on Vicolo del Coltellinaio in Siena. The “space,” called C_AVEAU is a project of artist Serena Fineschi.

“The piece for Caveau, of which the original version I made some edits in pencil, is a kind of interlude to everyday life between the protagonist and the woman he loves, without understanding it and without being fully understood,” comments Gaglianò.

"Memento" by Pietro GaglianoAnd this is in addition to Pietro’s recently published book, Memento, L’ossessione del visibile / The Obsession with the Visible (228 pages, English/Italian, Postmedia Books, 2016). The book is in Italian and English and is a reflection on the criticality of the collective memory that is shaped in public space as a sign of hegemonic control or of an act of resistance, or of the mythopoeic capacity of community. Memento explores the aesthetic of European totalitarianisms, and analyzes several examples of international art from the past thirty years, concluding with a focused look at recent experimentation by Italian artists. Conversations with Jochen Gerz and Thomas Hirschhorn complete the book. 

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