SACI Alum, Boris Viskin, exhibits at the Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City

Boris Viskin

Boris Viskin: La Belleza Llegará Después…

Through August 14, 2016

Museo de Arte Moderno (MAM), Mexico City

SACI Alum Boris Viskin (Summer 1983) is exhibiting his work in the exhibition La Belleza Llegará Después… at the Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, through August 14, 2016. The catalog will be presented on July 9 at 12:30.

Boris Viskin, "Self-portrait"

Boris Viskin, “Self-portrait”

This deserved exhibition of the artist Boris Viskin (b. Mexico City, 1960) is not a retrospective nor seeks a thematic reinterpretation of his work, but focuses on the production of the last 15 years of his career, curated by ñaki Herranz. The selection of work is structured as a multidisciplinary exhibition, beyond the purely visual appearances: a visual delight, but also synesthetic and anagogic, from work rooted in references to art history, to which the artist contrasts his own aesthetic, reflecting on the creative act. Viskin’s work has recurring references to masterpieces and artists (painters, writers, musicians, filmmakers), operating as strategies and different purposes: quotes, paraphrases and visual exegesis that give new meaning to certain reference.

Boris Viskin "Silla mirando sus partes (entre Platón y Heidegger)”, 2011

Boris Viskin “Silla mirando sus partes (entre Platón y Heidegger)”, 2011

Art and art history are central themes in the work of Viskin, but there are other common topics: faith, self-portraits, jazz, frames (both figurative delimitation as in the literal carpentry), body parts, roads, doors, materiality (especially wood), integration of the object, puns and written language transfigured. When completed, the works often charge emotionality and inspire contemplation. The predominant tone is humor, which is often in complicated titles. A more noticeable trait, between formal features that have refined Viskin’s style, is undoubtedly his compositional sense, with a growing trend towards collage and reliefs in mixed media, in a flirtation with Constructivism.

Today, Viskin is one of the most outstanding artists of his generation, painting beyond paint. Watch Boris presenting his exhibition  La Belleza Llegará Después… (in Spanish).

Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City

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