Kiki Smith and Betty Woodman exhibition at Lorcan O’Neill Gallery in Rome extended to November 26, 2016

Artists Betty Woodman and Kiki Smith (photo courtesy of Galleria Lorcan O'Neill, Rome)

Artists Betty Woodman and Kiki Smith (photo courtesy of Galleria Lorcan O’Neill, Rome)

Betty Woodman and Kiki Smith

Galleria Lorcan O’Neill – Rome
Through November 26, 2016

In Rome? If so, its your last chance to catch the exhibition of two great American artists: KIKI SMITH and BETTY WOODMAN Galleria Lorcan O’Neill in Rome through Saturday. Friends for decades and now showing together for the first time, Smith and Woodman share an affinity with Italy and have chosen Rome to present their work in a double solo show which includes tapestry, sculpture, ceramics, painting, and drawing.

Kiki Smith (photo courtesy of Galleria Lorcan O'Neill, Rome)

Kiki Smith (photo courtesy of Galleria Lorcan O’Neill, Rome)

For the past three decades Kiki Smith has explored the philosophical, social, and spiritual aspects of human existence. Her works are deeply rooted in the mythological, religious, and storytelling realms and evoke the cycle of life through a spiritual and carnal vision which brings together the animal and human worlds. Wolves, deer, foxes, and birds inhabit the works in show which include large-scale tapestries, delicate bronze sculptures, and elegant drawings and become the protagonists in this story of mortality, reproduction, and decay.


Betty Woodman (photo courtesy of Galleria Lorcan O’Neill, Rome)

The works on display by Betty Woodman (a member of SACI’s Artists and Designers Council) are the recent outcome of a decades-long study, beginning in her earlier years producing functional pottery objects which were gradually enriched by her deep relationship with painting and progressively developing over time into a study of interaction with space, both real and pictorial. In building a context for the works, mixing surface and form, Woodman has produced four large three-dimensional works present in the exhibition: unstretched canvases simply mounted on the wall and accompanied by ceramic sculptures either fixed to the canvas or placed in front. Also on show is a series of works on paper where ceramic objects such as vessels, both archetypical symbols and objects of everyday use, are depicted in lively colours using a variety of techniques.

Galleria Lorcan O’Neill
Vicolo Dei Catinari, 3 – Roma, Italy
T+39 06 6889-2980 
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 7pm

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