SACI Digital Multimedia Fall 2016 Student Exhibition at Cartavetra Gallery in Florence

SACI Fall 2016 Digital Multimedia Exhibition

SACI Fall 2016 Digital Multimedia Exhibition

There’s No Place Like Home

SACI Digital Multimedia Class Exhibition

Cartavetra Gallery, Florence – ITALY
November 28, 2016

James Coburn / Jacquelin Corti / Jonnea J. Herman / Katrina Layton / Megan Maniago / Dorothy Peng / Olivia Porter / Margareta Sköld

The works of SACI Digital Multimedia students during the Fall semester focused on the theme of home. After a series of dialogues which involved a scientist, an anthropologist and an artist, the works explore the subject through comparison of experiences and juxtapositions of mental maps and memories. The methods of work include video, sound and creation of environments, that recreate intimate spaces but also question the legitimacy of the sense of belonging.

The Digital Multimedia course at SACI, taught by Dejan Atanackovic, Belgrade-Florence-based artist has been held since 2000 in collaboration with Florentine galleries, festivals and theaters. The end-of-term exhibitions of the Digital Multimedia class have been presented in the spaces of La Corte Arte Contmporanea, Sergio Tossi Gallery, Spazio Tempo, Fabbrica Europa, Teatro dell’Affratellamento, Cartavetra Gallery and others.

See more on the Digital Multimedia class Facebook Page: Course of Digital Multimedia, SACI Florence

Jacquelin Corti

The Room (That Knew Too Much)

Hidden away was the woman who raised me. Behind several walls and in a lonely room she tucked her illness and her pain away. Her life was unfortunately taken by Lupus, addiction and Leukemia. With audio and visual, I am revealing the raw and unfiltered story of my mother.

James Coburn

To me, home is more than just a roof over my head; a physical place to reside. I find home in the sounds of my environment, and in the routine of daily life. In the places I go, and in the places I see, day to day. In my sketchbook, and in my art; this is what home is to me.

Jonnea J. Herman

i just want to go home

This piece is intended to explore how home acts as a sense of comfort. Particularly, how at the end of a night out drinking with friends, most of our relief comes when we’re finally back home. There’s a sense of pressure and forced socialization when going out, and enduring so much human interaction can be exhausting. Yet at the same time, there are implications to self isolation, for the sake of comfort.

Baby Chicken Embryos (and My Dad)

This is piece is a retelling of a story about my dad who once told me that eggs were baby chicken embryos in an attempt to guilt me into being vegan. However, my dad is wrong, and it’s not his first time being wrong either.

This is one story out of dozens, that I frequently tell people when I talk about my parents. Being an only child, my parents and I have become this close-knit “team” of sorts, and my sense of home has always centered on wherever the three of us are. Telling people stories about them allows me to express that.

Katrina Layton

Beautiful Illusion

My home is not a place, my home is made up of people. I invite you to step inside my home and join the people who create it, hear their voices, stand alongside them. The places I live, away from my family and close friends are not home. In my apartment here in florence I am far from home. To feel more at home, in the many estranged places I have lived, I hang photos of my loved ones, pieces of home. This work brings those pieces of home I cherish to life. Standing amongst these shadows and hearing these voices creates a beautiful illusion of what is ‘home’.

Megan Maniago

I forgot

A video illustrating the differences and similarities between my home in Los Angeles, California and the place I call home in Florence, Italy. In my work I have recorded 3 different videos of myself in my apartment in Florence with traditionally inked images of my Los Angeles home, drawn from memory. The drawings are juxtaposed on top of the videos. With this, it demonstrates how similar the two places are. The video effects and the incomplete illustrations themselves indicate my failure to remember what my actual home is like, and how this inability creates a feeling of loneliness with its faraway dream-like imagery.

Dorothy Peng

Building Boxes

This is the wall of America. The boxes signify structure, stability but at the same time embody the idea of incompleteness or in construction. The dates projected, some more known than others, are historical events that marked a change in America. America is a country that has overcome obstacles and in the works of doing so.

Olivia Porter

Command Q

This piece is an exploration of the virtual home—emphasizing the impact of the screen as a familiar yet unknown destination. While the audio signifies white noise it also suggests chaos and the haunting abyss of technology/virtual construction. The intention of this audiovisual piece is to abstract the familiar and elucidate the feeling of emptiness in the context of substance. “Command Q” represents the sensation of experiencing the unknown construction of the virtual home.

Margareta Sköld

Memories of Home

Having moved many times in my life, my understanding of home is related to the context in which I found myself with every move. The memories that I share with you are about home but more importantly about the people who I was privileged to share my home with.

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About SACI

SACI is a US non-profit College of Art and Design in Florence, Italy, for undergraduate and graduate students seeking accredited instruction in studio art, design, conservation, art history, and Italian language and culture. Founded in 1975, SACI offers the following programs: Academic Semester/Year Abroad, Summer Studies, Venice Summer Program, Post-Bac in Conservation, MFA in Studio Art, MA in Art History.

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