The MIA Photo Fair Returns to Milan: March 10-13, 2017


ALFRED DRAGO RENS, “LA PETITE GAU” Installation of 4 Elements, 2016


March 10th -13th, 2017
The Mall, Porta Nuova, Milan

The MIA photography art fair in Milan returns March 10-13 for its seventh edition, taking place at The Mall, in the district of Porta Nuova.

Featuring 80 galleries from 13 different countries, the MIA Photo Fair also includes collective exhibitions and monographic projects from individual photography artists, plus an additional area dedicated to publishing. The fair is further enriched with an intense cultural program of talks, meetings and debates, as well as several awards being announced.

The 7th edition of MIA Photo Fair includes many new features, including three projects focusing on different geographical areas: Focus Brazil, curated by Denise Gadelha, Focus Principate of Asturias, curated by Monica Alvarez Careaga and Focus Hungary curated by Art Photo Budapest, a section of Art Market Budapest.

In addition, special interest will also be given to the subject of the performing arts, with the participation of Flux Laboratory and ArtOnTime. Flux Laboratory is a multidisciplinary experimental space with branches in Geneva, Zurich, and Athens, whose aim is to encourage creative and performative work through encounters with the world of dance, art, philosophy, music and technology. ArtOnTime is an itinerant curatorial project, promoted by Artraising and supported by Eberhard & Co., whose aim is to fund and launch artists in the performing arts through crowdfunding.


MIA Photo Fair 2017: March 10-13
The Mall – Porta Nuova, Piazza Lina Bo Bardi, Milan

Full-fare ticket: €16
2 Days: €21 | 3 Days: €31
Reduced rate: €12  (students up to 21 years; over 65)


Thursday 9th March: Opening (by invitation only)
Friday 10th March: 12am – 9pm
Saturday 11th March: 11am – 8pm
Sunday 12th March: 11am – 8pm
Monday 13th March: 11am – 8pm

Information: Tel. / Fax +39.0283241412 – –

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