10 Years of European Alternatives at MAXXI Museum: March 26, 2017


Terzo Tempo / Overtime: 10 Years of European Alternatives

March 26, 2017 (Noon – 9pm) – Rome, ITALY

European Alternatives organizes Terzo Tempo / Overtime, a project in two parts happening over a day of debates and actions around the idea of Europe, and the presentation of an artistic illustrated map by the artist Marco Raparelli dedicated to the past ten years of social movements in Europe.

The event takes place in the framework of THE INDEPENDENT, a research project by MAXXI created to broaden and challenge the current limits of museum institutions and to stimulate and elaborate new ways of acting in contemporary times.

A day of debates takes place on March 26th, date of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. Recognizing the role arts play in social and political change, the event wants to activate a reflection of the meaning of the Union and on the responsibilities of political, cultural and artistic institutions.

Never as in this moment in history, the very foundations of Europe have been questioned as much as today: Brexit, migration, financial crisis and climate change are only some of the challenges faced. The aim is to put these worlds in dialogue on crucial issues like democracy, equality, and culture.

Some of the participants are critic and curator, Maria Hlavajova; writer and MEP, Barbara Spinelli; artist and Vice President of the Spanish Parliament, Marcelo Exposito; artists Tania Bruguera, Cesare Pietroiusti and Jonas Staal; co-founders of European Alternatives, Lorenzo Marsili and Niccolò Milanese; and the artistic director of MAXXI Hou Hanru.

The time and space between debating sessions will be filled by performing actions by the Kinkaleri group presenting All!, a project of language structure in physical, verbal, visual, sound paths aimed at the development of thought in a total freedom of expression.

For the occasion, a map dedicated to presenting the social and cultural movements that happened in Europe since the explosion of the financial crisis in 2008 until today will be revealed. This map is an artistic project that will reflect on the transnational political and social movements born after the 2008 financial crisis until 2017, and on the actions that European Alternatives has done in the past decade to connect, support and cooperate with this movements. The work of Marco Raparelli, rooted in the art of comics, gives back the path of an independent reality that never stopped exploring and proposing a different idea of Europe.

The debate will be followed at 7:30 PM by the presentation and screening in the MAXXI Auditorium of the film Io, Daniel Blake, 2016, by Ken Loach, Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, in partnership with DiEM Voice. Ken Loach will be participating together with Berardo Carboni and Danae Stratou.

To attend, you need a valid ticket to the MAXXI museum (to be booked at entrance: 5 euros). Click here to see the full schedule of events.

MAXXI Museum
Via Guido Reni, 4/A, Rome – ITALY


European Alternatives is a transnational organisation of civil society and a citizens’ movement promoting the values of democracy, quality and culture beyond the nation state.

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