“Jeff Bridges Photographs: LEBOWSKI and Other BIG Shots” through November 15, 2015 in Bologna, Italy


Jeff Bridges Photographs: LEBOWSKI and Other BIG Shots

Through November 15, 2015
Ono Arte Contemporanea, Bologna

You may not be aware of what most famous people do in their spare time other than their main profession. In fact, did you know that actor Oscar winner Jeff Bridges, one of the most versatile and underrated actors in Hollywood, is also a painter, musician, and since high school, he has been taking pictures?

Photograph by Jeff Bridges

ONO Arte Contemporanea in Bologna presents the exhibition Jeff Bridges Photographs: BIG LEBOWSKI and Other Shots, the first solo exhibition in Europe dedicated to photographic career of actor Oscar winner Jeff Bridges, through November 15, 2015.


Since the 1970s, Bridges always brings a Widelux camera, a gift from his wife, with him on film sets when working. With a double exposure created by a delayed shutter, the Widelux has a characteristic elongated panoramic camera with rotating lens film very similar to that with which 70 mm movies were filmed. The choice of this camera, which may seem minor, is actually closely related to Bridges concept. As he himself says, on the one hand the characteristics of the Widelux allow one to capture the most information in a single click and to tell multiple stories, creating images that are in an inter-realm between scenographic photography and the film; on the other, the absence of a manual focus and an objective render the camera unreliable and rather arbitrary and imprecise — but for this more “human” and honest. Both as an actor and a photographer Bridges wants to free the scene by his presence to make room for the narrative.

Photograph by Jeff Bridges

The exhibition of circa 60 images show us what Bridges snapped backstage of films like The Fabulous Baker Boys, Texasville, The Fisher King, American Heart, The Mirror Has Two Faces, True Grit, and The Big Lebowski or actors such as Martin Landau, John Turturro, Cuba Gooding Jr., Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Kevin Spacey.


ONO arte

ONO Contemporary Art
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T +39 051 262465

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